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I haven't had a date in almost 2 years. It was hard to get over my last love and, in the process of getting over her, loneliness has crept up inside me. I can't help but come off as desperate these days. What I really miss is the cuddling, and as lame as that is, I miss it more than sex.

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Once again I experienced a slight rejection from the family. It hurts deeply. It’s really not their fault. I should probably be a little more persistent in my needs. They care. Maybe this week I can spend some more time at the apartment. I spent several hours on Thursday with Darrell at the apartment. Nice, but not a total fulfillment.

I’m too damn needy sometimes and I also tend to expect too much from others. I need to reverse it and maybe expect more from myself.

I barely got to speak with Kristy today. She was quite pleased with a violent fight she engaged herself in with another chick. I think it’s all too sickviolence and all that surrounds it.

I discovered tonight how goddamn lonely I am. It’s run through my head before, but never with as much power as it did tonight. I have friends – and damn great ones at that – but I practically never get to spend any time with them.

I’m shaking awfully and I need to sleep. I want to shove this fucking pen through this paper as though I’m pissed it’s there. These words are loud in my head and I’m writing like time is being cornered. My eyes are getting heavy and are sinking to the back of my head where the light is unable to get to ‘em. They look at my hand gripping onto this pen in disgust for being thereWhat childish thoughts. I think I’m going mad! Fuck, I hurt so bad! My life tends to make me sad

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It's lonely out here. I know it's temporary and I'll meet people and yadda yadda. But for now, I miss you. The way you look at me when I'm excited about something to the point I can't keep my composure. The smile you have when you're being playful. Your compulsive climbing. I miss the way you taste. And I don't think I'll ever forget the way your hair smelled when we first met. I'm sappy today.

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Sometimes I feel like I should get out and meet more people. Especially when it's like a Saturday night and I'm just... home with no plans.

So I'll head out to a bar to try to meet some people.

And then when I get there, I realize that everyone else is there with people. I seem to be the only poor sucker who showed up to the bar alone.

And I don't want to be weird 3rd wheel dude who just barges into to people's existing conversations...

So then I leave, feeling more alone than before.

At night I lay in bed next to my lover and feel more lonely than when I lived alone. At least when I lived alone I had the notion that if we were together he would hold me, tell me he loved me, kiss me goodnight. I was wrong. We lay a foot apart but it feels like miles. If I try to touch you you just roll away or find a way to turn things around on me. Is it really that awful to hug someone you claim to love before bed? I don't think it makes me "oversensitive" to be bothered by the fact that my lover sees touching as a chore. I've expressed that it is important to me to exchange I love you's before bed because no one knows what the future holds. Apparently that is wrong of me also.

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When he's pushing you away, you think "Well… it'll get better!" and it doesn't. It really, really doesn't. Bitterness brews and stews and it kills off that happy-go-lucky optimism you were speaking of earlier. This thought breaks my heart. First of all, I HAAAATE when people inform other people they're oversensitive. That's just a conniving way of getting away with offending someone and letting their conscience be lulled back to sleep. Secondly… you definitely deserve to be I-love-you'd and at least hugged before bed. Your emotional needs aren't being met, and sex isn't a band-aid… unfortunately. So… if you're strong enough, you'll come to the right decision, whatever that is ;) (says the moron who's still with the dolt who turned her into a bitter coral box of hate-feelings.)

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Thank you. For making me feel less alone on the matter. It's nice to know someone agrees that emotional needs are real.

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nights. it's the nights that are the killer.

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I've recently come to realize that my ideal man is in fact a fictional character. I will never find him. He will never meet me. And so i'm left to realize that I will never truly be happy.

Some people may say "you don't need a man to be happy." Which is true. But it's not just a relationship I'm looking for.

I need a connection.

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so here I am, miles from anywhere familiar, surrounded by strange new people and places. the bus routes are unfamiliar and the restaurants are different, everything is more expensive, the local accent is nearly impenetrable and I don't know many street names yet but I'm adapting, forcing myself to familiarise myself with it all. I've been here just over three weeks now, and it's gone pretty well so far. aside from the terrifying first night, I've been basically too busy to get scared or lonely. until today.

I know this feeling. the tightening in my throat, the panicky flutter of my heart, the creeping sensation of being utterly lost and alone, adrift in a strange land. and the realisation that this isn't just a holiday, a dream to awaken from, has set in.

I'm scared shitless. but I'll beat away the loneliness, push it out of my mind and immerse myself in this new place til it's home.

I'll still be lonely in bed, but the night only lasts so long.

I feel so isolated when I'm sitting here, staring at my laptop's screen... hoping, wishing for some one to visit me. I'm just feeling so utterly alone, and I don't want to feel sorry for myself nor do I want anyone elses' pity, I just want it out there on the table. I'm lonely and it's making me so much more depressed. No one around here really understands because they've not been here before. I hate it.... I mean, I know my friends would like to be here but they can't be.... they're too far away or too busy for little old me. I just wish that I lived in one of the extremes that they live in.... Indy, the Region, southern Indiana.... whatever.... just one of those locations that isn't quite so out of reach as this hell hole.

More than anything, I want him to be here to hold me in his arms and tell me that it's okay.... that it'll be alright and I don't have to keep my brave face on, I can cry.... But I hate feeling sorry for myself.... I just don't have anything else to think about... But I don't know.

I miss being around people like I am when I'm in school. I miss school. I hate moving back to my house and then waiting for the school year to begin again. It's so terribly lonely here. I just want to move back in with all of my friends and to be back in a city where even more friends live. I hate being lonely like this, it makes me so depressed. Summer is depressing anyway, it just makes it harder when I'm alone..... Hopefully I'll see some of them soon. I know I'll see them all in July, well not all of them but a great many.

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What am I going to do without her next year. Without all of them. I'm going to be so lonely.

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You'll find an amazing junior to fill your life with smiles.... I did

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Freshman year of high school, my brother and best friend (a guy who lived with my family for some reason) were both seniors. Needless to say, that was kinda a bad situation.

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Two years ago, one of my TA's was looking for volunteers for a study on loneliness. We were to sit in a room with her for half an hour and talk to her about a moment when we felt the most lonely. She kept me there for two hours. Just talking about loneliness. I think I said something that she didn't expect.

I said that loneliness was not about being with people or being with someone or having noise around you. It was about control. It was about losing control of yourself or the situation, putting that control in the hands of other people, and somehow they drop the ball, whether or not it's their fault at all.

Maybe this is just me, but I've never felt lonely just because I couldn't be with someone I wanted to be with. I would have never made it through Junior High if being by myself when I didn't want to be meant feeling lonely. Loneliness comes when you invest your idea of happiness in someone else, and they can't be there, and you can't do anything to change it. As long as there is somewhere else to invest your happiness, you do fine. I've never felt lonely when I didn't already feel helpless.

My moment is one I'll remember vividly for the rest of my life. I loved someone very much, and he wanted to kill himself. He was drunk and hundreds of miles away from me, and he called me to say goodbye. I walked campus alone in the rain yelling into my cell phone. I was frantic and I didn't know what to do. I called my mother on the other line at 3 am. And she didn't know either.

When I try to think of a time I've felt lonely, I can't even think of any other moment. Because since then, nothing's held a candle to it.

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I'm writing this riff on a hamburger wrapper winds going to come and blow it away blow it away with you

why why must I care about these feeling these feelings that make you say were through

operation suicide step one is under way, your loving words like razor blades will surely make me pay

this genocide of self esteem is wrapped in bright pink bows keen memories of love we shared I'm sure you'll never know

been mislead misunderstood and take for granted, how many emotions can empty words convey your simplest fears, because I'm there seem to fade away

would you help me win a battle cause my hate and fear, or stand aside, say you'd cry, for all my needs and tears, even when the world dismissed, I know it'll surly will, would you heal my broken heart and take away this pain.

this empty casing called my body is not a dimes or two, it used to feel more like its self, love to make it heal

how can love be so kind to wash away the hate, your environment is glorious until you say its fake

homestead on the grassy planes of torture comforting, you let your own blood curse at me will it bring us down again

hatred is emitted from your gentle loving arms, the grip you have on my poor heart, your squeezing me to hard.

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I feel incredibly lonely whenever I've been away from certain people for too long. It doesn't matter who I'm near, who fills my room or pressence with their magnificent selves, I'm feeling so very alone. Like right now.... I feel empty because there will be a great deal of time before I can return to a place in which I am never alone, a place that is almsot holy to me now. I could be completely by myself, and just walk into this place and I'm surrounded by all of them again. They are the ones who live in my memory and when I'm feeling lonely, they are the ones who give me that hope again. They are the few that I love, that I treasure, that I keep inside my head. I never have to be physically near them. I need only to go back into my head. I recess there and suddenly I'm not so lonely anymore.

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I refer to the lack of loneliness as "home." Whenever I do something with someone I love, I call it "going home." My house is by no means home to me. That is why I am going on a journey of self-discovery. Because maybe I'll find home.

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