Both of my fictional heroes wear green. Link from Link's Awakening and Green Lantern Hal Jordan. But I am not my heroes; my flag will remain blue! Also worth noting is that LA Link has the ability to get a red and blue tunic, and that Hal Jordan has been a Red Lantern and a Blue Lantern too (even though he only became a Blue Lantern to prevent himself from remaining a Red Lantern). It makes sense in my head!

I love this color too.... it's my favorite color.

Mostly because I love to camp. I love going camping, going on walks, being around things that are living.

Green reminds me of healing, moving on, a good flow. I love it. I love that point in the summer when everything is perfect, right before the storms come. I love that darkness over the top of the trees and the wind blows. Just to lie down in the middle of the field and watch the grasses above my head roll like waves. It's perfect.


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