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For my video productions class I filmed my final project using my webcam instead of the high quality professional video cameras the school rents out to students. The choice was for artistic reasons - the film was to be a "self portrait" and I feel my internet life has had a huge part in shaping my life, and also wanted the gritty, glitchy look - as my art often involves both. People in the class praised all of this.

But in the end, I knew some of them were actually jealous because I got to skip all of the hassle they went through of renting the cameras from the school, and lugging all that equipment around.

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I think this is absolutly awesome. I bet they were quite pissed, but hey, it added an effect and if it turned out great then fuck them.

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One time one of my roommates had sex with his girlfriend on my webcam. People watching sent me instant messages trying to warn me that my nude frolicking was being broadcasted across the world, then upon closer inspection realized that I looked very little like the person boning an attractive young girl on the chair next to my bed.

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