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This school is so cool. The atmosphere is dense of intelligence. The entire administration is caring, sympathetic, giving and definitely quite bright and trusting. If you care, then they will bend over backwards to help. If you simply apply yourself, you will make your grades easily advance, and your confidence. Also, I’m flunking out.

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I really love my school but every so often I hate being here. I never leave for more than a week or two at a time before I'm back. Sometimes I can barely leave campus before I'm called back for one thing or another. I made the mistake of complaining to one of my supervisors only to be reminded that this was a student leadership position that I am perfectly apt for and it will inevitably make demands on my time. I wish I had enough money to not have to worry about these jobs at school. I work for my institution but it feels like it should work for me. Especially with the tuition hike of 7% each year I've been here. Lame.

I wish I could concentrate on learning to be an awesome Engineer! School should be a time of great adventure in your proposed field of study but I feel like this school is too demanding of my money, time, talent and mental stability. Our retention rates are surprisingly high given the amount of dissatisfaction in the institution along these same lines. I don't know why I come back sometimes....

.... then I remember I love my school despite all this. I'm utterly exhausted right now but alas must keep working. This was my little break

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