That's what time it is.... zero three fourteen ...that's right folks, the AM time... I just coughed myself awake and I'm rather uspet about this. When you're sick the one thing you need more than anything else is sleep and my ailment has thwarted my sleep. There's something that seems terribly wrong about this. But the building in which I currently reside is pretty much full of sleeping persons. I'm sure there are some people who are awake and I could go find them but I don't care to.... my last friend awake just went to bed so it doesn't seem to terribly likely that anyone else that I'm a familiar with would be awake.

I don't know what it is that I am plagued by but it kinda sucks. My lungs are forcing up a bunch of icky phlem-y shit and it's most uncomfortable. My throat hates it as well. Oh well... I'll just focus on my green healing energy, drink lots of tea, and get better. It was worse yesterday so I guess that my improvement on my homemade remedy is much better than anything a fucking doctor would give me....fuck that....


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