I hate that I'm so uncomfortable in my own room. I feel kind of displaced. While most of my friends have offered their rooms to me whenever I need somewhere to go, it sucks that I can't just be in my room.

And the fact that she gets to use my tv/dvd player more than me pisses me off a bit. But I know that she would never leave the room, and I just can't stand to be in the same room as her for very long. So I have to be the bigger person here...

edit: sometimes i hate reading things that i've written in the past. it makes me think "god, i was so stupid back then. was i really so _____? (fill in blank with: childish, ignorant, oblivious, etc...)" i realize it's unavoidable, doing stupid things is an essential part of life.

conclusion: i can reflect on the past and realize how stupid i was back then, therefore i must be learning from my mistakes. maybe.


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