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I and my friend made weed tea tonight. It's a very different high, but I like it. AND, even if it didn't work in the narcotic sense, it tastes delicious so I'd do it anyway.

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Black tea, chai tea, chinese tea, and always hot....mmmmm.... stash tea is a west coast brand and is absolutely amazing. do urself a favor and get a cup of black chai spice tea (by stash tea, tea bag-by the way)...more caffine than coffee and man is it good!

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MMMmm, tea. I love tea. Hot or iced, as long as it's strong. From a regular cup of chamomile I brewed myself to the fancy-schmancy vanilla chai tea lattes.

MMMmmm chai.

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Tea is a delicious beverage. There are so many different types it's amazing. Most types of tea have a specific purupose too. Peppermint tea, for example, could be used to mitigate pain or stress. It's also useful for helping with a wide variety of other health problems while being very tastey. Most, if not all, teas are anti oxidants, so if you intend to donate blood, don't have tea for a little while... it doesn't improve your chances of being able to. I have a whole book on the healing properties of teas. It's very useful. There are about 20 000 different teas in there. And they cover a wide range of symptoms and maladies. Anything from bad breath to colon health to depression to sleep disorders. Thus, tea is more useful than medications, and not harmful to your body and spirit.

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