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Google is pretty brilliant. They tell you to put AdSense on your site and that with little effort you can earn a decent amount of cash. I wasn't expecting an overnight success here but I thought it would be fun to receive a check every other month for a few odd cents.

Well it turns out they don't pay you till you earn your first $100, and after that it's a regular monthly pay cycle. It may take a few years but dag nabbit I am determined to hang in there till I get my first $100. It's not about the money it's the principle of the thing. I guess on another level it will be kind of fun to see how long it takes me to get paid considering I spend about an hour a day on the site.

It's quite funny I'm pretty sure all 5 of the times my ads have been clicked, it was done by friends just clicking to help me out.

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Oh don't worry - I have a blog that has had a few articles posted to places like reddit. I put some adsense on it a while ago to see if I would actually bring anything in.

To date (and it's been up there for a few months at least), I have made $0.00

Depending on what your site is all about, and whether or not you'd actually like to delve into putting ads on your site for money, has lots of good stuff said about it. Most of the sites advertised on it aren't obnoxious either - they seem rather non-evil for an online advertising company.

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