Why do I always end up promising love interests I'll make them banjos? Somehow, I am delighted.

I am making my friend a banjo. It'll be based on Boosy Collins's star-shaped bass. And it will be used primarily for metal. It'll have one pickup, an offset humbucker. I can't decide if I wanna make it volume or volume/tone, but I think it'll be a Seymour Duncan Invader/PATB-2 hybrid pickup with a series/parallel switch. I'm kinda a Duncan fan boy, shhh.

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Banjo used in metal music? Wow. Is there a precedent for that? I'd like to hear how a banjo is played in that style. It seems like it would actually translate pretty well, now that I think of it.

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Hm, I just can't hear banjo used for heavy metal...

But maybe that's because in my head I'm trying remake dueling banjos into a metal song.

...Come to think of it, dueling banjos could make a great techno song. Just put it on a loop with some crazy beat in the background, and every now and then, lines from Deliverance can pop in.

Clearly, I'm a musical genius. (j/k)

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