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I would sing a song for you.

And when you listen please don't hear my nervous, out-of-practise voice, the notes that aren't quite right and the occasional misstep in rhythm. Listen to my heart, which sings the broken song, a sweet, soaring song of love that is so pure and simple that there are no words to express it.

Lie with me and hear my heart's song. I hope that it brings you some comfort, a light in your darkness. Stay til the dawn and watch the sun rise again.

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I wrote a song today, the whole thing, guitar and vocals. It's not about anyone really, but it kind of is. When I really think about it though, my lyrics are so full of imagery that it doesn't matter, I can always apply it to two or three situations. I write songs that people can relate to. Good for me, I guess.

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I really like this song. I love it when I like a song this much. When listening to it just makes me happy. Like I'm too full of happiness. Like everything is gonna be ok. I just nod my head. Sing the lyrics. And maybe dance a little. And sigh. Why can't all songs make me this happy?

And yet a part of me knows In a couple of days After I've listened to this song thousands of times... in a row... It won't sound as amazing. Or make me feel as happy. And then I'll be off. Off to find a new song. That makes me feel just as happy.

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I think if a guy ever wrote me a song (a nice song, not an "i hate you" kind of song) that he would pretty much automatically win my heart. I'm such a sucker for musicians.

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Any creative endeavour is a million points in my book. I heard recetly of a guy, an artist, who made his girlfriend an adorable 8-bit computer game that ended with a scene in which he proposed to her. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen and I would melt on the spot if my boyfriend presented me with it. He's written me poems though, and for somebody with severe dylexia like him anything written down is a huge effort

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There is a beginning and an end, For I find myself in the middle, For my mind and thoughts change like the seasons of the year, coming like a thief in the night and leaving in the blink of an eye.

I am nothing but a vapor in time, here for a season, and gone in the next, I expect nothing for nothing is certain, The only certainty is that nothing is certain For this reason, I shall never be disappointed.

For years I found myself searching, longing for something more, I was on an existential quest to find myself.

I was once lost, but He helped me find my way, I was once blind, but in time He showed me the truth about the world, I was once mute, but He still heard my cry, I was once deaf, but He allowed me to hear His voice, I was once dead, but He brought me into a life worth living.

I found my place in this world, and I do not wish to be anything but what I am, and try to be that perfectly.

I am not the ostrich that sticks its head in the ground, I am not the possum that plays dead, I am not the chameleon that changes its true nature to conform to that of others.

I am the curious monkey that seeks adventure, I am the lion that cannot be tamed, I am the eagle of freedom flying through the sky, I am never in the same place twice, for I migrate like whales.


I find beauty in nature, Its serenity is soothing and good for the human soul.

I look up in the night sky and see the stars, enriched with splendor and majesty, shining upon the face of the earth, I study them and realize humanity sees nature as being ordinary.

I go beyond the mindset of humanity and find wonder in the heavens, For finding beauty in ordinary things is an extraordinary talent that everyone in the world can experience as long as an open mind is kept at hand.

I am the earth that people walk on, I am the grass that is swayed to and fro by the wind.

I am the air that is always present, but never seen.

I am a cloud that is always moving to a new destination, I am a star in the sky that gives light the world.

I am everywhere and nowhere, I am everything and nothing, I am me.


I believe doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom, For it allows what is perceived as truth to be desperately sought out, Doubt allows the formation of a new idea to be planted in the mind, and one’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions, It is up to humanity to reach the discovery that everyone has the ability to sense and know higher truth, and we should never stop searching for it, for truth is what stands the test of experience.

Being able to experience the thrill of journey brings great perspective into people’s lives, For sometimes the object of the journey is not the end, but the journey itself, Seek adventure and pursue it, do not wait for it to find you, For one who does nothing but wait for his ship to come has already missed the boat.

I don’t expect to find one right way to make myself creative, For in this vast world, I am confronted with unlimited opportunities, I seize every second of my life and savor it, and this’ll be my song I’ll be singing tomorrow.

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have you ever fallen in love with a song? I get weird looks sometimes when I gush about my latest crushes - the harp solos and violin choruses and woodwind duets that just utterly take over my mind sometimes.

When I fall in love with a song, I can't empty my mind because it's always there, playing in the background in fuzzy half-focus. I have to listen to it, again and again, til it's etched there indelible in my brain along with all my other loves - scheherezade, norwegian wood, handel's hallelujah chorus, balulalow, and my latest crush, while my guitar gently weeps played on a ukelele. it's gorgeous. who thought an uke could produce such delicate, beautiful sounds? the track is delicious. and now that one song is on permanent loop in my head, in between the ambient woodwind tunes of a videogame soundtrack.

makes me wish I could sit and listen to it all day, or make such achingly beautiful music of my own.

I don't know any singers or musicians anymore. literally not one single person I know can so much as play chords on a guitar that isn't a guitar hero controller. that's somehow so desperately depressing.

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