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The UK elections for our European Parliament representatives are tomorrow, and with the current political turmoil the outcome of this election will be a forecast of things to come. Naturally, my welcome-mat is covered in manifestos and unflattering pictures of Gordon Brown. I read them, read up on the candidates, and think about who I'm voting for. I've given this fair process to every party that's graced my mat, even if the UKIP only got a brief glace-over, but there is one party that gets an exception. No sooner than I had spotted the gaudy BNP leaflet inside my front door than it was torn to pieces and thrown out onto the street again - I'm not a fan of littering, but I feel there was a more important political statement to be made there. No aggressive, racist fearmongerers will ever have my vote.

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If only those same sentiments were shared more widely in the States.

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I've seen the statistics for the area I live in, the BNP is sickeningly popular :(

I think the only thing keeping this from being an outright BNP stronghold is all the students, but most of them are so disconnected from the real world they don't give a shit about voting.

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