I have a god damn door for a reason. It means you knock before coming in or just stay the hell out....god damn it

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I feel as though I'm standing on the wrong side of a locked door and I can't find the key. It is an awkward sort of anticipation that stems from the curiosity of what is on the otherside and why I can't move on to the next door in the hallway. So many doors to choose from but this one....the one I feel I must go through is closed to me right now. It's lonely in this hallway full of doors.... I want to go through the door but something prevents me. I wonder what thoughts hold me back from continuing through to where I ought to be.

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A while ago, I got pissed off at something or other, and kicked the door from my house into my garage shut. It broke it, to an extent, and you could no longer fully close it and expect to open it without having to push it as far as it would go. Today, I kicked that same door open. With enough force so that the locking mechanism came off. The way I see it, now it works again. Go me.

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