I realized while watching Dumbo for the first time in many years that it's pretty big on the racial stereotypes.

First with the "Happy-hearted roustabouts", who are large black men singing things like "We don't know when we get our pay, And when we do we throw our pay away.".

And then the crows who "be done seen 'bout everything".

This inspired me to think deeper into all the Disney classics that I watched as a kid.

Aladdin and the other protagonists looked and sounded American (or closer to it), while the villain and comic relief characters mostly had darker skin and thicker accents.

There were the "Injuns" in Peter Pan. The list just keeps going.

As I think of these things now, though, it didn't really have any impact at all on my view of different ethnic groups. I knew all along, on some level, that these were hyperbolized portrayals of stereotypes.

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Oh, but what about the millions of more impressionable kids watching those movies through the years?

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even disney realizes how incredibly racist song of the south is, though.

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