Ahhhh, City and Colour is opening for Tegan and Sara on October 2nd! I can't wait for that fucking show! Superbestfriend works there but is gonna be seeing New Kids on the Block so I actually have to pay this time, BOO! And the day before TnS... KYLESA. I fucking LOVE Kylesa like nobody's business. You have no clue. Basically my favorite band ever. Plus, Kylesa's in DC which is just so much more pleasant than Baltimore. And it's like a third the price. I mean I'm going to both, but I'm looking forward to the Kylesa show a little more probably, even though Tegan and Sara is gonna be with good friends and I'll probably try to start conversation with them onstage... good times. I think on my celebrity crush list Tegan is higher than Laura Pleasants, but I think Laura slightly trumps Sara. I don't know how identical twins can be separated by two people (both named Laura), but there it is.


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