I just read someone's thought in which they mentioned The Crow movie / comic book. It reminded me of this.

The most moving, amazing interview that I have ever seen was the interview with James O'Barr on the extra features of The Crow DVD. It's over a half-hour long and just shows him nervously talking to the silent interviewer while sketching on a drawing board in his basement, but I'm touched by it every time I see it.

To an unsettling degree, I relate to his story. A compassionate, awkward nerd is transformed when a loved one is suddenly taken away by violent tragedy and lives his life trying to reconcile self-destructive rage. It's inspiring that O'Barr has managed to create beauty out of his struggles. I hope I can do the same.

Check out that interview.

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I totally understand. I purchased the special edition a few years back and I was so excited to see that because I also have the comic book and have been an avid fan since 1999 (end of my elementary years). I'm glad to see someone else on the ether had enjoyed the interview as well.

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