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I'm only awkward because we as humans have a natural urge to make the people we care about extremely uncomfortable. It's science.

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I wonder if the ability to place a comment at the most awkward moment possible is a gift or a curse.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a shock whore...

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sigh this was one of the more awkward nights I've ever had. I was sitting around just chilling with one of my best friends, his girlfriend, and this guy I once had a huge crush on, but don't anymore cause he's kind of a jerk.

So on the one hand there was awkwardness from seeing a past crush, and having nothing to say to him, and sitting in silence when there was no one else in the room.

Then there was my best friend becoming increasingly frustrated because his girlfriend was getting kind of cuddly with the other guy, which was awkward for me, because that's something I just wouldn't do. I'm not that cuddly with anyone really, and I'm not that way with anyone I'm not really really close with. And I just wouldn't be able to act that way myself if I were in a relationship with someone else at the time.

Then there was the awkwardness of my friend and his girlfriend being cutesy. REALLY cutesy. Then they got up and went into the other room for a while... and he came out singing.

And they left me with ex-crush and other friend as they were having a talk about their optimal oral sex experience. I'm a virgin. It was uncomfortable to say the least.

Sigh I was awkward the whole evening, and yet I didn't want to leave. I care about those people.

Gar. I'm feeling a bit isolated and lonely now.


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That... really doesn't sound like fun. >.> Our school attracts such classy and discreet people, doesn't it?

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College life has made me feel increasingly awkward.

I don't particularly enjoy it, at all.

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That's no good... I know how that feels... and yea, I suggest finding an outlet ASAP

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