Is it enough to have some love? Small enough to fit inside the cracks. The pieces don't fit together so well From all the breaking and all the gluing back.

  • Amanda Palmer, "Astronaut."

I'm watching the dissolution of a four-year relationship. Both parties are my friends, close in different ways. One shares my disdain, my detachment, my sociopathic practicality. The other shares my belief in love and humanity's connection being enough of a religion, the belief that things can still be good, and the belief that life is silly. Actually, they both believe life is silly. They just view it through different lenses.

I'm getting real-time updates of what's going on. I'm getting snippets of conversations that break my heart, because of the lack of understanding, the unwillingness to communicate. They both believe their best path lies away from the other, and I worry that one is seriously deluded. Only time will tell.


  • Luna Kay
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