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okay, i never claimed to be perfect, but i guess you haven't met anybody worse yet, because maybe then you'd settle - yeah, maybe you'd just settle for more.

if i'm lucky i'd rank as a mistake, top ten blunders, just another night of unexplained absences. morning sun sees you laundering, washing off wanderers.

just get on with yourself, i'm overdue for the gutter.

i said, damn girl, you look like a million bucks. i feel like a dirty old penny now, head full of copper, no sense to spare, oh don't you dare read into this - less between the lines, more between your hips. and, yeah, my tongue is cursed, my hands are damned, but my lips are blessed so come here -

or just get on with yourself, i'm overdue for the gutter.

as night falls, so could we, into lust, or love, or four score of clover leafs, yeah, this might be a sign that luck is on our side, or this might be one time to let the current lead us on.

you know you can't control your mouth, still hot though birds are heading south. best keep a lid on that truth you keep, or you'll lose what you sought to reap. and then you might just have to settle - yeah, maybe you'll have to settle for more.

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