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i need to get laid before i hurt someone. Am i the only person out there in Ether land who gets crazy if it goes to long between sexual incounters?

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No. It might just be us, though. Also, loooooong for me is two months, but I've sworn off casual sex for the time being. but no, you're not wanking alone.

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You mentioned sheep and masturbating, and mice and masturbating. Just, ya know, helping you remember what you mention. Masturbating.

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Wait... me? Or Blueballs Box?

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Hey so I want to clarify that our colors are slightly different. And that I can go an indefinite amount of time without sex.

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I am feeling truly lustful.

I could give a fuck less about his thoughts, emotions, dreams, desires... Hell, I don't even care what his major is.

I just want to have sex with him.

Hot, steamy, carefree sex...

Or maybe just a good make out session... I mean, I'm willing to settle or the chance to be near him.

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We need to start a support group or somethig; seems just about everyone on ether wants some fucking ;3

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Support group for lustful people? Can you imagine the meetings?!

"Okay guys, today we are going to talk about... Wait... put your clothes back on! Wait! We are in public! You can't just-- oh.. that feels nice."

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Have you ever read Choke by Chuck Palahniuk?

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My lust for him caused me to loose my virginity to someone I didn't know.

But I don't regret it like most girls would.

At least... Not Yet.

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Friends with benefits is like the greatest system you can have in high school. It makes everyone happy! Well, except the guy who has a crush on you and thinks he's in love, and doesn't understand why you don't love him back, and he is real sketchy. I used to be that guy, for a few different girls. Fuck that guy.

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sometimes i wonder why loving someone physically is considered a sin, but then i realize, it is if you do it with everyone. or maybe i feel differently about lust. when i want someone, i want them completely. heartmindsoul. nothing half assed. so when i want someone, lust after them, it's not just wanting their body. i want to be so close to them i feel like we're melting together. so far in my life, this has only happened with one person. and i sort of hope it's only with them forever. so maybe it's only a sin, because maybe it should be saved for "marriage"; or at least something that is more eternal than not.

maybe. or maybe i'm just inexperienced and don't know.


I've discovered in the past couple years that I'm incapable of lusting after someone for purely physical reasons. The only times I was overcome by lust were times that the intellectual allure of men I care for was strong enough to seep through their skin, and even then it was in a quest to become as close to them physically as I felt to them mentally. The people close to me are amazing, brilliant people, and I'm most valuable to the world as a whole when I'm part of them.

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