As much as I hate spam I must say that I love the odd poetry which sometimes comes attached to the bottom of the e-mail. Here is a beautiful example I got in a piece of spam today, it was trying to sell some sort of sexual enhancement thing.

"Decked, with rugs of silk and colored tapestries seen the princess go down before. Half the men he thought of nothing but the profit motive. Laurence thumping of drums, the squeaking of bagpipes, the sake either of her earnings or her ransom letter any or all of these can, through memory, sophia. you must look after the family when i'm oceania had never been in alliance with eurasia. A hundred, mawruss. Nevertheless, long before worth every penny of it. I've exceeded my estimates in, trying vainly to understand the confusion frivolous grove of birch and poplar and wild plum that better times will shortly madam, said roland he came back in here with the cup in his hand. Us. Well, he died last march and left everything."

One simply does not expect to see a little bit of George Orwell in the middle of something like this.


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