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Why do boys have to be so damn confusing? There are days when i like him, there are days when I'm happy with just being friends. It just depends. I want to tell him how I feel about him, and hope he's just as confused as i am. Really, I just hate not knowing. I want him to just tell me how he feels so we can both move on with our lives. Grrrr. stupid boys.

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I know exactly what you mean, as you probably know. But don't worry, eventually something will happen, either to make you realize that he was never right for you in the first place or that he really does like you. And ya, sometimes it takes a while, and that sucks....but life does go on. If getting a guy were easy, would it still be so much fun? There would be no pursuit, no attempts to make him notice you, and what would that leave you?

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Stop torturing yourself with this... try to get up the courage to ask, and remind yourself that even if he isn't interested, you did something positive anyway, by doing something new.

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the concept of confusion, something that doesnt make logical sense in our own mind. usually my confusion comes from too much information at once, at least in terms of science, mathematics, and the humanities. i can only take so much before i start to be confused, but there is but one thing that confuses me the most, and of course it is affection for the opposite sex. when i realize i am starting to fall i dont know why, it confuses me. then when i know i am falling i am infatuated by that persons personality, but receiving mixed signals are confusing. so which is it? am i confused by too much information? or is it that i am not the opposite sex, so i will never understand that way of thinking...

perhaps this thought process is backwards, perhaps i should analyze it from the angle of over-analyzation. i am thinking too much about it which is why i am confusing myself. ah, that must be it, the over-analyzation is resulting in too much information, which is too much for my mind.

i need more ram for my brain

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