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Ok so it’s been a little while since I’ve had time to purge all of the thoughts running around in my head recently I’ve been thinking about the way most people work. I’ve been wondering what happened to that age old saying patients is a virtue.

Especially in this day and age of right now and hurry up. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Seriously! We’ve built today’s society up into this high speed face paced give me give me I want it now rat race that’s driving me insane.

And then people sit around in a moment of free time usually right before they fall asleep and think where the hell has the time gone? We’ve done this to ourselves we’ve made everything speed up and we’re missing everything in between.

I’m ready to quit now. I’ve actually been finding myself laying on my bed eyes open staring up at the ceiling and just being. Just breathing in and out and thinking that this is nice. This is one thing that I don’t have to think about it just happens.

My lungs expand and deflate all in their own time. It’s calming really. It’s nice to let everything else just slip by running around with no real purpose at all.

I let my toast burn because I just couldn’t bring myself to rush over and get it out. I let the bathroom sink over flow because I was busy sitting on the toilet lid watching the wind blow through the nearly bare tree outside of the window.

Suddenly I’m very self destructive trying hard to fight this run, go, hurry, you’re wasting time attitude. I’m really considering walking off into some forest and just laying there until time finally stops.

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