Do other people have personal expectations of texting?

I like to send occasional quick texts to people I don't talk to often... nothing major or often... just a quick, "Hey, had a random thought of you today, wanted to know how you're doing?"

Something simple.

And a part of me really EXPECTS people to respond. A simple "Hey I'm doing okay," would make me happy.


I mean, if you bumped into someone you knew on the street, and they asked how you have been... you wouldn't walk away, would you?

I guess I"m just frustrated with people right now.

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I usually expect an answer to my texts if I ask a specific question, but other than that I don't bother hoping for a reply from most people because while I can afford unlimited texts on my contract, most of my friends are pay as you go so every text costs a bit. a little 'thinking of you' text is nice I guess though.

...and then there are the people who don't reply to anything but the most urgent of texts. nowadays, if I really need an answer right then, I just call them.

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