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Throwing knives is a difficult skill to master, but it's so cathartic to be able to stick them reliably. More so if you're throwing them really, really hard.

For me, it's a meditative thing. I have to clear my mind and become fully aware of what my body is doing. From my feet, to my shoulder, all the way to my fingertips. It feels so freeing and balancing to get a stack of knives and group them on a board some distance in front of me.

I had a trainer tell me that he recommended throwing a knife into someone at the onset of a fight, preferably into the bones in their forearm or leg, to take the fight out of them. He said that no one ever caused him trouble after having to pry a piece of metal out of one of their bones. But he was a mercenary type and trained to win fights that he started and that took place outside of the legal context that most of us are used to, so I don't take that advice as being practical for my life at the moment.

Almost every other trainer I had since then said this to say about knife throwing in a fight: "Why the hell would you GIVE HIM your knife? Keep it and stab the shit out of him with it."

(Now the "bombs" thought by that blue thinker has all of its words linked.)

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HAHA, I actually was thinking about that right after I posted it! I mean I was also thinking about those other things. Fucking bombs!

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