I was watching a History Channel show on Ken Uston, the infamous blackjack player who sued a bunch of casinos after they kicked him out for counting cards. They kept showing commercials for a show called "ancient aliens" and used really, really creepy music to promote it. I found myself creeped out by the entirely tame trailer, and upon thought, realised that the music was what was bothering my sense of equilibrium.

Any time we see aliens, it's always with creepy music- like the weird SFX whenever the Visitors show up in South Park. I understand the appeal- aliens are the perfect Other, as demonstrated by their use as antagonists and subjects of fear and agression in all form of media- but if aliens are really creepy, is there really need for creepy music to underscore that?

Conspiracy theory: They contacted aliens, and wants to have popular fear / agression as a bargaining chip against them; "Be good or we'll expose your existence." They use their contacts in the media to make sure we're afraid of them, so that when the time comes to end the relationship, we'll fall upon our visitors and annihilate them.


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