The trailer I'm in is making that noise again. The noises of years and years of weather pounding against the aluminum siding. The noises of years and years of wood swelling and contracting until it is ready to fall down around my head. The noises of a furnace well past due for a check-up. The noises of the grand-mother that died many years ago and still lives down the hall and forces me to question my sanity when I hear the breathing behind me or the footsteps down the hall or the figure just outside of my glance...

When a trailer is forty years old, it comes to the point where you wonder if it should be put down or not. Honestly though, I wouldn't know of any other place I would feel more comfortable. I've spent too much time in this trailer to think about being anywhere else...

We're two of a kind, me and my trailer. Falling apart, making too many creaking noises, and haunted by the past.

It's so annoying when movie trailers are put together so that it sounds like the characters are having a conversation with the voiceover guy. Every single time, it's just... stupid.


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