My bucket's got a hole in it.

"Remember the guy and his bucket?!" lol. great story...i was there and i have no idea why it was so funny. but it was.

my best friend says i burp like a bucket. i some how know what this means.

My friend and I went to the dining hall to get some dinner earlier. Once we finished eating we just sat and talked. Then some guy walked into the seating area carrying a bucket, and said something about guys liking to eat out of buckets. My friend and I quickly exhanged glances and laughed. Some of our other friends joined us a while after, and somehow the guy with the bucket came up in conversation. He was gone by this point, but when my first friend mentioned him and the bucket we burst out laughing. Even the friends who had joined us after the guy had left, and had no idea what we were talking about, were laughing. I honestly have no idea why it was so funny, but we all sat and laughed for a good long time. It's amazing what great times there are to be had at the dining hall.


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