FLUSH, you lazy asshole! If you don't want to sully your dainty hand, you can do it with your foot. If you're over the age of four, sober, and able-bodied, there's no excuse.

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Jesus Christ, yes, this. I had thought about posting this a few days ago, but forgotten about the subject until this came up while I was using the random button to browse. Flush, motherfucker! That goes double if the head of the bed is only eight feet from the bathroom. Closing the bathroom door does not entirely solve the problem. And it goes triple if it's winter and the windows can't be opened, or you live in a freaking basement with no windows and poor ventilation! Just because it's a basement larger than a large one-room walkup or a decent sized one bedroom apartment doesn't change anything. Oh, and that can full of Febreeze air freshener? USE IT.

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