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My mom almost married a man who is quite possibly the biggest asshole ever. Seriously.

Most of the time, he is a decent guy. I mean, he's always kind of quirky and difficult, but for the most part, he is good natured.

But once a year, he changes into an evil, impulsive asshole, for about two months. In this time, he is prone to bouts of rage, paranoia, and over-analysis.

In his good times, he commonly asks questions like, "How far can a person walk into the woods?" In his bad times, he mostly says things like "Shut the fuck up." Recently, he informed me that I am a "lazy fat ass" and told me to get out of his house and not come back. Sounds precious, right?

A few nights ago, my mom had finally had enough. Enough of her fiance snapping at her daughters for everything. Enough being treated like shit.

He was shouting at her that her kids were lazy, she was lazy and always has been, and finally, "I want the girls out of this house. They aren't welcome here."

My mom said, "You can't make me choose between you and my girls."

"I am."

My mom picked my sister and me.

Ever since she made her decision (a couple of nights ago), he's been making all of our lives hell, but mostly he's hurting my mom. Even before we left he started.

"Give me the money card." "Call a friend to pick you up, you aren't taking MY car." "I don't want the girls to ever come back into this house."

We were supposed to buy a car for me the following day. As we left, he said he would still do it. The next morning, he had changed his mind. That was fine, I understood.

What I don't understand is the asshole over-drafting their bank account nearly $700 and then trying to take his name off of them account. Fortunately, he is a half-retarded jackass and apparently wasn't listening when he was told that he would need my mom's signature to take his name off of their joint account.

They did have another joint account (based on their credit) that my mom could have gotten $3600 out of. But she didn't, because she is a good person.

He told my mom that she couldn't move her things out of the house unless he was there. He also said that she should bring help, because he wouldn't be helping her. Oh, and her help can't be her daughters. Sounds completely reasonable, right? I mean, a 46 year old woman with a bad back should TOTALLY be able to move herself out of a house that she has been living in for three years.

To make sure that she doesn't come in the house while he is gone, he demanded that she give the key back. She said no. So he took the outer doorknobs off of the house.

He put some of her things out on the lawn.

He's refusing to give her a dime of the money that she put in his retirement account (mistake on her part).

He even went so far as to mark any mail that she has received recently with "return to sender" and put them back in the mail box. Today, when she went to get some of her things off of the lawn, she found in the mailbox an envelope from her sister, sent from an address that she no longer lives at, marked return to sender. The enveloped simply contained a short note, and a picture of their recently deceased sister. And it would have been lost forever. It's currently the only picture my mom has of her dead sister.

My mom has called me several times now in tears. Wondering how a man that she loved, who said that he loved her, could be so cold, hateful, and downright evil. She told me that is afraid of being old and alone. She told me how hurt she is by the whole thing.

She mentioned that she could retaliate. She could file legitimate forgery charges against her ex-fiance. That's a class D felony. But she probably won't.

I don't know what to tell her when she calls me sobbing. I know that there is nothing I can do to make the pain stop.

All I can do is tell her,

"When this is all said and done, at least you will know that you have a soul."

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You could tell her that as long as she can't be happy about it, it's more useful to be angry than it is to be sad. Encourage her to get pissed and teach this guy a lesson.

Or post the guy's personal information all over the internet, along with this story. shrug

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get the police involved. I did. My mom's ex husband verballly abused her and I got so fed up that I called the Police. Don't wait around. Do something about it, although it may be worse for a while. Higher authorities can be very helpful.

hope it works out. keep us updated

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Oh black square... I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a joke... But um.... I've sort of done that already.

I mean, not ALL OVER the internet... But most of my friends have gotten his name, address, and a request to send whatever disgusting things they can think of.

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I just told her I love her. In a text message. Because I am too chicken shit to say it to her in real life. Or even in a phone call. I said that to her too. I am terrified.

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