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The stories say Elijah brought the same message of peace. Elijah was assumed into heaven on a chariot made of fire. Elijah was so powerful that even his disciples could raise the dead. What made the Nazarene so much better than the Tishbite?

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I agree... I always thought Jeebus Crizzle was probably just one of us, who was made out to be more important than he really was. Also I have this theory-type thing I've been thinking about a lot. Okay... so they say Jesus is "THE SON OF GOD"... but aren't we all "God's Children?" So... maybe it's not just him that can perform miracles... we all can, it just takes faith/concentration/belief/whatever. I mean... Peter did walk on the water for a few steps before falling in right?

Just something to consider.

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I just realized how amazinglycreepy-ish christian that all sounded. For the record, I am undecided about just about everything, religion, politics, what sandwitch I want to eat... I just was trying to convey one of the theories I was considering...

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As a Christian, I actually think it's not about how powerful they were. It was the fact that Jesus had all this power and still willingly gave himself over to the slaughter despite not omitting any real crime. I suppose it's not about who is the biggest and the most powerful, it's about who was willing to give the most. I can understand voting for the guy who would give you the shirt off his back over the guy who could fly.

Of course I am horribly biased.

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"Of course I am horribly biased."

And smart enough to know s/he is.

I am too though.

:P xD

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Jesus was a great man, a good teacher who brought kind words and hope to many people. however, he is not my savior. He is not my god. I wish you could respect that.

I respect your choice in making him your savior, your personal Christ, your god, but I do not agree. I respect YOUR CHOICE. It seems strange that you refuse to respect MY CHOICE. You think that because you raised me in a 'Christian' household that I would not be looking at other options, looking at other peoples points of view. Then looking at how you conduct yourselves. You do not uphold these values that you so religiously try to shove down my throat. I will not digest this so easily.

Your Jesus Christ, Your God, Your Salvation, not mine. Why can't you respect my decision? You must realize that it is, in fact, MY decision. Why is this so hard for you to understand? I really don't get it. It's not like I'm trying to force you into some sort of cult or some thing against your will. I'm not even asking you to understand. I'm only asking that you let me be and respect my ideas and opinions.

I've seen more than I'll ever say and I respect your God but I disagree that he is the only one. I think there are more. Leave me be.

Your Jesus, not mine.

Your Religion, not mine.

Your Thoughts and Opinions, not mine.

I have my own, I have my own life, my own thoughts, my own ideas and opinions, why do you refuse to let this be?

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I've been wondering something lately. If Jesus is conceived immaculately again, isn't there a sort of high chance he could be aborted? Under the right circumstances, and if we truly do have free will, this could happen. Even if the chosen girl is shown visions, spoken too, etc... She might think it's schizophrenia. I mean, not very many hardcore Christians or Catholics believe in anything happening in this life, anymore, from what I can tell.

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That is a very interesting concept. I mean how would the world know if little fetal jesus hasn't already been aborted. Hell what if God has tried over and over to give this second chance and every time it’s failed. Would he try a new route? Spontaneous male pregnancy perhaps? That certainly would get a lot of attention and the poor man might not even realize something was up until the big day saving fetal jesus from yet another abortion. Hehee, sorry I couldn't help it the whole idea made me giggle.

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Hahaha, fetal jesus makes me giggle.

One would assume, however, that the son of gawd would probably be born to a true believer, who likely would be opposed to the whole abortion thing.

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Even true believers don't believe in things like that, sometimes. And widdle fetal Jesus is funny. I hope it forces him to just come the fuck on down.

This makes me think of a Penny Arcade comic where Jesus comes down just to get in on some fried twinkies.

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I consider these discussions fascinating, but I'll be as eager to ridicule someone that takes them SERIOUSLY as someone that would argue about how draconian rules about shoe sizes are keeping wide-footed Hermes from getting an appropriate replacement to his divine winged sandals at the local Foot Locker.

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Heh. I'm the same way. Shit like this goes through my head all day. I know I don't know what exactly Jesus was, cause I wasn't there and didn't see. I find way too much of popular doctrine laughable, but that's a whole other discussion.

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As far as male pregnancy, how exactly would that work?

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I haven't quite figured that part out yet. I suppose if it is a divine immaculate conception then God would take care of that. On a slightly lighter note I've been thinking. Pregnancy is like a parasitic infestation in the most basic of terms. I mean the fetus grows inside the placenta which attaches itself to the uterine wall which then ciphers the hosts blood and such to the fetus. Like a parasite so in theory I guess you would need a hollow cavity and an organ for the thing to feed off of right? The host would no longer have to be female. I suppose separating the placenta from the organ upon delivery would be the tough though. Hehee funny to think about though.

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Jesus was a really charismatic man and his disciples were scientists who spoke of the scientific word during a time that they didn’t understand, thus it looked like miracles, but in reality it was all just medicine. And, through the whole telephone reaction thing, the stories it eventually morphed into completely bizarre tales. Jesus did not have divine powers, it is scientifically impossible.

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Not much is scientifically impossible, my friend. iI'm not arguing, you may very well be right, I don't know, I wasn't there.

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you are true, perhaps nothing is scientifically impossible. it's just my thought. it makes no sense in my brain. perhaps we should look at the bible for symbolism as opposed to raw realism.

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Magic is magic until someone studies and explores it. Then it's science.

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still to me devine powers from this said god can not to this day be unrecalled for. thru medicine we should've already cured blindness and cancer if this jesus could do it years and years ago. we have advanced not the oposite.

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I don't think that Jesus was the son of God. He is not my personal savior.

He was still a pretty fucking awesome guy.

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I used to live in a house in NC that had a stain that looked like Jesus. My dad tried to wash it off, it only got bigger.

Yesterday, I was watching fox, or maybe nbc, it is hard to tell nowadays. Anyway, a preview came on, of a new fox (or nbc) show: 10 Items or Less. The premise was that a mysterious stain on the wall was shaped like Jesus, and of course it is exploited in a hilarious way.

Did I miss out on a golden opportunity? And who is profiting on my actual experience?

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Jesus was in a two-piece band touring across the country. They contacted me for a show and while I couldn't book them, I could at least put them up in the communal house I was living in at the time. When I got out of class, I got to the house and they had shown up early and were helping the other FNB (Food Not Bombs) volunteers cook. After we hung out and talked for awhile, they suggested that they set up in the basement and play for just me and the roommates. Their set was lighthearted and frantic jamming, and I bought a T-shirt that read 'Fuck SUVs / Ride dinosaurs' from them before we crashed. I later wore that shirt into Student Senate and pissed off S-, my friend and president thereof. He was too uptight about stuff reflecting badly on him.

Jesus was also the name of my cat, born in the most improbable circumstances: His mother never left the house or saw another cat for several years preceeding her pregnancy.

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