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People seem to love using the word 'gauge' inappropriately. A friend of mine, who is a professional piercer, once said, "A guy came into my shop today saying that he wanted to 'buy some larger gauges to put in his gauged ears so he can gauge them out another gauge'. I asked him, 'You mean you want some plugs for your stretched ears so you can stretch them out another sixteenth of an inch?'"

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This is a total pet peeve of mine.

People see my ears and say "Oh my god! I didn't know you gauged your ears!"

I always want to tell them something like, "Actually, I haven't measured them recently." But they wouldn't understand that I was being snarky, so it would just be a pointless display of bitchiness.

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Yes. In all things, remember that being right is not as important as being not-a-dick.

But we can still vent about it on Ether.

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I used to be guilty of this. I didn't know any better. Now I work "for fuck's sake don't use 'gauge' unless you're talking about the actual size of the jewelry" into a lot of answers when I get bored and go answer questions on Yahoo, because.. people don't know until someone tells them.

Slang: both the coolest and the most annoying.

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