Until three days ago, I had never actually gone to the gym.

I used to be afraid to go. I was afraid to be the fat girl who didn't actually know how to work the equipment, who couldn't last fifteen minutes on an elliptical. I was afraid the toned gods and goddesses of the gym would laugh at me. Childish I know.

But after almost two months of asking me to go, my roommate finally convinced me to join her.

I walked in, and I saw girls on the ellipticals, red faced and sweating. I saw plenty of people who would never qualify as buff.

This doesn't mean I was exactly comfortable.

I called my roommate over and quietly asked her how the hell to turn on the elliptical. She laughed and helped me. ( I wasn't offended. We always laugh at each other.)

After thirty minutes on the elliptical, I couldn't feel my toes anymore. My legs burned. I was hot, sweaty, and out of breath. But it was amazing.

I've been back every day since then.


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