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nigger. fag. queer. cunt. whore. bitch. polack. tramp. cracker. blockhead. spick. retard. stupid.


they do not need to be accompanied by other words/phrases/quotes/thoughts/opinions, but sometimes are.

they, like stereotypes, are used quite frequently and upset many people.

SO why is it when someone posts a thoughtword - which is one of the aforementioned offensive words - is it immediately overlooked to attack an upfront opinion about sexual orientation?

AND why is that deemed okay by the ether community?

ETHER, i'm assuming is built upon opinions and words and thoughts and ideas.

I'd hope people would attack the people who attack certain individuals (those people who use the above words) before they start attacking someone who is merely providing his or her thoughts - in this case as a comment on another member's thought.

I'm extremely saddened to find out just how wrong I am.

However, I hope this general attitude changes to one that is more accepting - something that I feel ether set out for in the beginning.

Here's to the future!

please note: the above words are words that i personally find offensive, and are not meant to cause offense to anyone who reads them. they are merely presented as a mean of proving a point.

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I didn't like the use of the particular word either, but after reading the post I didn't feel like the person was trying to use it in an offensive way. Besides you shouldn't really attack a person for anything. Especially since we can't hear them say it because the intonation on a word can tell you a lot. Anyway, that's why I chose not to say anything.

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That's right, I attacked you. I certainly didn't use "fag" in any sort of ironic sense, it was all to try to cut you down. And you absolutely didn't imply I was sexually confused, or explicitly say that I am of a "fucked up" mentality. So in summary and conclusion, I am a terrible human being and you are the greatest mind of the twenty-first century.

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I don't believe in hate-speech. I believe that words are only powerful if you give them power.

Ideas, however, can be awfully offensive.

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This is actually becoming ridiculous. At first it was just kind of silly, but now it's reaching the point that I'm more inclined to gouge my eyes out with a feather duster than keep reading thoughts of this ilk. That said, here's my contribution to this silliness:

Thoughtwords are anchors for someone's feelings on a topic. If someone has a thought centered around a word, be that word offensive or not, then I think that thought belongs under that thought word. If someone's actual thoughts were an attack on someone, it may be different.

Calling someone a fag and discussing the topic of the word 'fag' are not the same thing.

Example: Take the topic of rape. Now, I don't like rape. I don't really even like the word. But if someone were to post their feelings under that thoughtword, it wouldn't be offensive.

Also, I don't agree with being offended. It doesn't exist.

The horse is dead, everybody. Stop kicking.

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iawtc, but nobody else seems to.

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Iawktco, myself. But imfho, if we don't rotfm while iafk, I won't bttyl after the bbq. Rotflafayfqx4%% the GLLAAAAARRRGH||||~'#NNNN.

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