Who don't exist anymore.

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... in lace up knee high matte leather boots. with flowing hair. who ran around with me in the McDonald's playplace when we were both seventeen. who made me feel strong, because I made them feel safe. who dance in the back of my mind, shimmying in a spotlight of nostalgia. with perfect B cups that filled my hands perfectly. who were willing to do anything, no matter how inane or stupid. Who broke my heart with idiotic ease.

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cause boys wouldnt work for me but the idea is good who sing along with the radio in my car who sleep with their arm curled around me who cook strage food for me and call it dinner who buy me silly little things to make me smile who break my heart who kiss me with their eyes open who look at me, astounded, and tell me im beautiful who are beautiful themselves who play guitar who write poems and then hide them who have freckles on their noses who have ink on their hands who draw me pictures and want me to read more into them then i can who take long showers with me who know exactly how to please me naked who make stupid jokes who bite their nails who catch me when i trip who make me laugh until i hurt who kiss me fingers when i burn them who take me to parties, get me drunk and then put me to bed without doing anything i may regret in the morning who are so soft whose hair tickles my stomachas they move down my body who help me build things using a high heel as a hammer who push my hair off my face and smile at me

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So it's been about three years since I've sat, bored to tears, through a conversation about clothes, shoes, makeup or boys. I never had much of an interest in any of the above(well, except boys) until very recently when I suddenly started lusting after clothes, spending stupid amounts of money on shoes, and reading about cosmetics.

And now I have nobody to talk to about any of this! Is it the lack of girlyness around me that's driven me to buying impactical shoes?

Almost all of my female friends are just that - friends that happen to be female rather than girls or even women. They're geeky, they play a lot of videogames(I mean, I play games too, but spending all day playing World of Warcraft is TOO MUCH), they live either in jeans and oversized tshirts or voluminous skirts and uncomfortable-looking corsets(why is it always the fat ones that wear corsets?), and they're pretty much all relentlessly crazy.

I just want a girlfriend or two to hang out with, talk about clothes, do each other's hair and go shopping together. Right now I get to pick between playing with my boyfriend's hair and letting him be patiently bored while I browse for clothes, or going out with a female friend and ending up going to Forbidden Planet so she can buy more cards because 'shopping for clothes is so boring, I don't know how you stand it'.

God damnit. Where did all the real girls go?

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Trust me, they are not all gone. Clothes and shoes...I'm all over that shit.

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haha it's so weird, i've had that same thing happen to me. the trick is finding girls who want to talk about clothes and shoes and purses without talking EXCLUSIVELY about clothes, shoes and purses. believe me, you're better off just finding a nice gay man.

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I have no friends that are girls.

The last one I had moved in and ate like Jabba the Hut =, didn't work and stole from me, after being my best friend for six years. Bitch.

The one before that stopped talking to me because her boyfriend told her too.

The one before that was a crazy weight obsessed sixth grader.

The one before that was in third grade, and her dad beat me up.

Before that, first grade. She moved.

I've had probably a hundred good friends who were male. And five that were female.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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Have you thought that maybe it's not what's wrong with you but what's wrong with the chicks you wind up hangin out with? That's been my problem I've noticed, most of the girls think like girls so we can't be friends... I get annoyed with it.

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I'm sure you're right, but damn, it feels egotistical to say I'm the only tolerable girl in a ten mile radius.

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Sometimes I really hate girls. Sometimes I hate every part of me that is female. I end up coming off as incredibly sexist a lot of the time, and I guess that might be true, but I honestly think that women are psychologically different from men. Biologically. I don't buy into all this cultural "Barbie dolls ruined us" BS.

I've never met a woman who didn't get overly sensitive over stupid shit. And I hate that I do it too, when I get really tired or when I'm PMSing. I guess I'm mad that I resist it while no one else around me seems to be doing so.

I don't expect my boyfriend to read my mind. I don't play "my life sucks worse than yours" with my girlfriends. I hate that this puts me in the minority.

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The reason why most of my guy friends enjoy me so much is because I don't bitch about stupid shit, it doesn't matter. There's no point in it. So I get where you're coming from. Women are just crazy, they've got a behavior. But men do, in some ways I agree with you, but there are other points I think

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Ha! I like this. "Boys" and "Girls" with the two gender camps venting about what vexes them about the opposite sex. Being a straight guy, of course I have thoughts to contribute here. But I think I'll hop over to "boys" in time and share what I think about my fellow man too. Girls. As a rule, I hate stereotypes with a passion. Or rather, I hate it when people expect each other to conform to stereotypes. That's why I believed girl after girl when they told me shortly before sex that they understood that I wasn't at a stage in my life (at that time) where I was comfortable with someone being emotionally attached to me, and that I didn't want our relationship as friends and relationship as sexual partners to be strained by us not having a relationship as lovers. I didn't want to believe the "all girls fall in love with the guy that they have lots of good sex with" stereotype, because damn it's fucking disrespectful to think, "No, I don't believe her, because she's probably like 'all other girls'". But again and again, casual sexual relationships turned into drama and bitterness because the stereotype kept ending up being true. But my faith in humanity was restored by others, who remained good friends of mine with no disruption to our relationship after casual sex. And considering the matter made me newly self-conscious about not accidentally conforming to all of those negative stereotypes about guys. (I should continue this thought at 'boys')

Yeah... Back on the subject... I've always needed girls. Just a female presence around me to have some intimate connection with. Not necessarily a romantic relationship or sex or anything. Just as little as a warm hug from a ladyfriend every now and then recharges my soul in a profound way that I can't claim to fully understand. I could live without ever seeing a guy again, but I need the outlet of girls to stay balanced and sane. Without them, the passion in my heart would just well up and burst out of my chest like that thing in Alien and make an awful mess and there'd only be guys around to clean it up and they probably wouldn't because guys don't like cleaning anything.

So if you're one of my girl friends, thank you.

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There's a "boys" catagory, so why not a "girls" one?

I used to be frustrated by girls. Now I've realized the problem is just the opposite - girls are frustrated by me.

I've realized plenty have found me attractive, but waited for me to make a move. Which I will not do.

I'd rather be alone than violate this principle.

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See, I'm the opposite... I will make the first move, but I will make it waaaay before they wanna hook up with me. So it becomes a perpetual game that no one ever wins.

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Why not make the first move? Why is it so important that she goes first? This is just the opposite of most girl's problem - they think the guy has to go first, so they say nothing and get disappointed when nothing happens. Why do people do this?

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I was sitting around with a few of my close friends when "black hair" looked at me and said, "Hey, there're a lot of chicks here tonight..." I nodded but didn't think much on it, merely went back to work on my chem lab. Then the "tall girl" looked over to reply to the "black hair" girl's comment, she said, "I know! What the hell? I don't mind you two, but what the hell are these other girls doing here? Maybe we should go...." So we got up and left and went to hang out with some mutual friends, most of which were boys.

I think about that now and I realize that I always feel that way when the ratio of men:women is more to the female side of things that I should leave. I hate being in rooms full of girls...they're fuckin crazy, but if I'm around boys for too long, I find them to be immature. So, that's where the balance comes into play. So long as the balance is slightly more male than female, my life uns more smoothly...

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The way I was raised was to think that the male should always make the first move. So it frustrates me so much when my boyfriend refusees to initiate things. I've started to realize more now that I am going to have to start making more moves with him. I try to hint to him about what I want but he doesn't seem to get it. So recently I just figured fuck it. I'm going to have to take on more dominance in the relationshhip. I'm ok with that.

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Sometimes we don't get the hint. But sometimes we do, but can't bring ourselves to do anything about it anyway.

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Poor boys all confused and stuck. I tend to lead with my heart if you intrigue me I pursue you until you tell me to back the fuck off so far its worked great considering the length of my relationship and all of the crap we've both endured.

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