Cleaning a laptop, I never expected it to be so hard...lots of pictures and music from the last year and a half. Projects, assignments, all go into the trashbin. The spinning pinwheel of death is spinning for the last time before I turn this laptop in.

It makes me sad, to see it all go away. This is really going to happen isn't it?

I still feel like a complete failure... So many people to appologize to for the last semester...

I am trying not to be depressed, but its hard to sit on the sidelines after trying so hard on the field...

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Don't be depressed, and especially don't feel like a failure. You tried your hardest, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes things don't work out how we want them to, but everything happens for a reason. You'll be a stronger person for having gone through this, and next year you'll be too busy having so much fun to remember all of the pain. Never give up never, never, never. :-)

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