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everybody says im a drunk. we say it jokingly, kind of like a trophy to have, cuz we're young & its just alcohol & who cares.

but then they say it like, yeah, haha, youre a drunk. but no, really bitch, youre a drunk.

which pisses me off, because I don't drink nearly as much as everybody thinks I do. it doesn't interfere with my life, mostly because I just don't have one. im too broke & everybodys too busy.

& trying to argue that im not just pisses me off more because they just say 'uh, yeah you are' with such conviction. like they even know. &, half of them drink just as much, if not sometimes more. they schedule time to drink. I just do it cuz im bored.if you truly think im an alcoholic, maybe you should do something about it. otherwise, shut the hell up, or just don't encourage it & drink with me, how about that.

...even if I do technically exhibit 3 out of 5 physical signs...

I don't drink nearly as hard or often as I could.


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I really want to get smashed on a bottle of Jager. Really bad. I want to guzzle black liquor licorice until I'm not just positive about my future, but fucking euphoric. I can't stand up, but by god, I can handle the rest of my life. Bring it the fuck on. Balls.

Soooo, I'm really freakin drunk right now and waiting for my piizza to be done.

I really love being drunk and lately I drink a lot, which makes me think I may be an alcoholic. I mix heavy drinks, drink alone at home, cry a lot, etc. I have started to distance myself from people... and I think that may be the worst part :(

Tonight though was my friends bday with cheap drinks at the bar and much happiness to be hold. I was super stoked and learned a plethora of new martinis :) Mmmmm martini! AND I was aroudn people :) but drunk and relatively happy, no coordination, no real to function other than "need tp ingest food and water

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Apparently I blacked out and went on Ether last night. My typing was pretty good though!

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I have learned that I function at optimum drunk-ness with six beers and six shots.

It matters little what I'm drinking, because I've convinced myself this is completely true.

The only problem is that I'll go to sleep happy and inebriated, but wake up at random, for no reason, and yell "Who wants to do shots with me!?", and someone always takes the offer.

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my boyfriend got drunk last night. He isn't returning my phone calls. I checked case search to see if he was there. He wasn't. I'm glad. But now I'm worried about where he is passed out at.

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Hm. This makes me feel bad for putting my girlfriends through the same thing when I get drunk and moody (or unconscientious).

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I'm turning into a goddamn drunk, because I can't deal with the pain I brought upon myself.

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I am a functioning alcoholic. However, a month ago I was a non-functioning alcoholic. I've decided to stop fighting the booze, and get this functioning thing down first. I don't dislike myself for being this way. I view things in a far too complicated manner to despise other people for a single trait, let alone myself.

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I could have been your average everyday underage alcohol fatality,

Sitting in my room after a long night of tipsy fools tipping back tons of liquor,

In a daze, amazed by the mess of medication necessitated by my ovarian cysts,

Taking the recommended dosage... don't recommend it

Blood sugar low and steadily dropping, prescription pill popping (proper dosage, and mine mind you) on an alcohol filled, but otherwise empty, stomach,

Not the best idea I've ever had.

I know for next time.

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You keep mentioning your ovarian cysts. You should elaborate on your thoughts about them. I don't understand and I'm very curious.

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What are you taking for them? All that I was given was a hormone supplement (which I stopped taking because it annoyed me) that didnĀ“t react poorly to any other drugs.

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God damn... I just realized... it takes half a bottle of gin for me to be tipsy. That can't be a good sign. I'm not even a heavy drinker; never have been. I refuse to believe this is just genetics and lithium salts. That's a good 20 oz of gin right there, that's like... 13 shots. Yeah, I even have control of the logic center! Damn it! I'm not supposed to have this tolerance in high school! I can walk normally, I can talk normally, I can almost think normally. The main difference is I'm a lot more inclined to hit on you, no matter who you are. And I guess I'm more inclined to get deja vu, too. Fuckin' hell. Well, I'm gonna hit up bed. Happy St. Patrick's day, to all, even the straight-edgers.

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