**why repent **[4:35 PM]: maybe he's waiting to build up enough courage to break into your house and rape you. no such pretense [4:35 PM]: - flicks nails - id finally get some action. why repent [4:37 PM]: if I lived near you, we'de be doin' it now. ;D **no such pretense **[4:37 PM]: lmfao. why repent [4:37 PM]: of course, I'd put my seed in you and skip town, leaving you to raise my bastard child alone. why repent [4:37 PM]: you know how that goes. ;/ no such pretense [4:37 PM]: ...hmm no such pretense [4:37 PM]: i wonder how my parents would feel to have to partial raise a mexican child.. no such pretense [4:37 PM]: - rubs chin - thatd be comical. why repent [4:38 PM]: if your kind smells mexican on you, they wouldn't claim you as their own. ;/


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