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I hate this town I hate this town I hate this town so fucking much. I wish I knew the people I did back then, I wish things could be the same. It seems so dead. I'm not quite sure how to go about reconnecting to the people I cherished so much. The people that I laughed and partied with, that left so many lasting impressions on my mind. If I'm going too be putting up with this for as long as I think I am...I think I need to find friends.

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In the town I was born in, everyone's had the same song stuck in their head for twenty or more years. In this slithering burrow I grew up in, we all know each other by relatives. We identify each other by last name. "That Purple kid," they say, "she's gone off in a bad way. On drugs, I heard. Moved to Indianapolis. Probably running wild with god knows what kind, (meaning anyone not white) I reckon. Lordy." In this town, when I walk, I feel judged from all sides. Sometimes it's a product of an overactive imagination and social anxieties, sometimes, unfortunately, it's not. I watch people shovel out each other's driveways as quick as possible, so they can go shovel someone else's, and feel superior. Since everyone is doing this, we all have nothing to do after ten AM. As much as I am drawn to people who are different, they are repelled. Thus my friends are freaks, and I am as well. Oh well. Just call me Garrison Keillor.

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