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through readings and study i find it hilarious that my preconceived notions about life, gender roles, sex roles, anything having to do with stereotypical male and female-ness, or how gays fit into it is completely different from everyone else. but not only is it different it's different in a way that takes the standard stereotypes and completely reworks them.

for example:

the world: men are the aggressors women are the submmissives...

me: in any relationship there is an aggressor and a submissive but at any time that dynamic may change, and in different situations it may be different. take the initiative and pick which one you want to be

seems logical right? well apparently not to anyone that i'm reading about or from or whatever. apparently this is revolutionary thought

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I can see what you're saying to be true. Even if I'm all meek and mild, there's times where I've had enough of it, and stand up and say "Look, fool, this is how it's going to be from now on..." Maybe it's not so much a revolutionary thought, as an unspoken fact. It's more fun to say everything is one way rather than have it be wishy-washy.

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yea but it's more than that. im saying that the stereotypes we use for men and women are obsolete. everything is wishy-washy as you say because there are very few individuals that still ascribe to their gender role anymore

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