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how i love women. i cant express it fully. i know that some people wonder how i , as a woman, can want another that is so like me. but the thing is, no matter that we have the same equiptment, each one of us is so different. i love women. their hair. long and falling into their eyes. short and soft at the back of their neck. their lips. full and curved into a smile. parted gently in sleep. laughing, frowning, glossy or chapped. their hands. a womans hands can bring down a civilization. small and fine boned. strong and short nailed. delicate or tough. they hold the power to give life and pleasure. oh their breasts! tiny and pert. full and soft. there are no two pairs the same. dark, light, pink or pale. to hear a woman speak about how they hate their breasts enrages me. they are perfect. each pair. perhaps they dont look exactly like one thinks they should. but the way they swell from their body. they way they tighten with desire. oh how i love womens breasts! and on and on. i love everything about women. the curve of their waist. the bend of their knee. the tiny dip in their upper lip. their toes and their legs and their backs. i love women.

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