me and the sea, see, we got a real good thing going, i take her to bed, our heads and hearts melt apart and flow together, together we weather what's said and what's low, slow sowing of seeds to be grown...


stand the fuck aside, let the ocean move in. you'll be standing on its ground wherever you go; it's all borrowed land, yeah, it's all doomed to submerge...


you'll never know, you'll never know, you'll never know... because i'll never tell.

it'll claim your spot each time you move, it'll always have the right, so get gone soon.

Onyx clouds clog the arteries. Glass raindrops shower wax men molded in the form of guilt. Idols are sculpted from excrement into the shape of desire. Children birthed in televisions molested by inaudible screams and a thousand stones tied to them with strings of regret plumbing the deep subconscious dreams of the ocean.

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uh. Yeah. That's exactly what I was going to say. More or less.

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Heh… I was going to say yet again what you've said heremore or less. Fancy that.

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