One time a girl thanked me for continually treating her "like a worthy human being," but I was pretty much just trying to have sex with her.

I was supposed to go to my friend's birthday dinner tonight.

I thought we were leaving an hour later than we actually were.

I didn't have enough time to do anything before running to the train, so I told them to go ahead without me.

He sounded so disappointed on the phone, and HE apologized.

I'm so sorry.

I cried when I called my best friend to tell her.

I almost feel guilty, because I take a bittersweet sort of happiness from knowing that someone who was once my best friend and used to be in my band will not be able to play in a concert next month, that she was looking forward to. But fuck it. She shouldn't've left the band. And she ain't gettin' back in, either. Normally, I'd be more remorseful due to this type of feeling, but this is what we call "karma."


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