What you’re saying can’t help; it only hurts me.
The problem is that you can’t see.
My most important but hidden emotions and feelings and thoughts
Locked away; for if let go, they get shot

Crouched in a little ball
Nervousness sweating, wetting it all.
I might explode
Sudden overload

You assume… and tell me why.
Your methods and processes just insist my sanity to fry.
Acting upon you know who I am,
Even when I’ve let nothing real out to examine.

Crouched in a little ball
Nervousness wetting, sweating it all.
I’m gonna explode
Sudden overload

You’ve accomplished, to yourself, in defining me.
Making sure and emphasizing that bullshit is my reality.
It doesn’t matter, because I’m strong, you can be driven out.
File you under “Experience of an Ignorant but Powerful Shout”.

I was crouched in a little ball
Nervous, sweating, wetting it all
I could've exploded
Sudden overload


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