So apparently we have had the technology to make fluorescent animals for years and no one told me. They started by making glowing, green lab rats. I think you have basically no clue how bad I want one. I mean, I love rats, they're wonderful little animals unless you find 'em in a sewer, and to have one that glows in the dark... Just, wow. I would play with it so much! In the dark! Really, I need to go about obtaining one. Or a bunch. It's not like they'll release them into the wild, they probably just kill these. And that's really sad.

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i know dude. when my genetics teacher told me about that i had pangs of desire for a glowing rat for weeks. he said he gave his daughter a glowing goldfish for xmas once. i want one, damn it. i'd settle for a glowing anything. although a glowing hedgehog would be cool.

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