a good morning kiss is all i want

a good morning kiss as we stretch aching limbs from the dream fog to clutch your body, curled, delicate, juvenile, against my breasts feel the fine curve of your spine as your breaths come ragged in a room so cold they make tiny clouds; put off tiptoeing across the hardwood paw each other until we ache with warm arousal we force stiff bodies into soft pajamas fit for winter sunday and non slip socks to press our lips into the condensation on the living room window one over the other eat bowls of sugar coated rice krispies in the worn kitchen and slow dance to the sighs of snowflakes settling

but all i really want is a good morning kiss

I've never been able to get enough. I've learned to be content with what I do get though, and the effort behind it, because love can be wonderful.

I woke up one morning after a dream, and realized that that dream contained the only romance i'd felt all year.

...and it wasn't even real.


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