today was the most perfect day i can remember. she came back today. i awoke to her knocking on my door. i dont want to brag... ok, i do want to brag. it was like in a movie. i walked down my hall in my pajamas. opened thedoor to her. the sun had just come up. she looked down at me and neither of us said anything. i moved aside and she came in. she smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear in that way she has. then she slid her hand behind my neck and kissed me. somehow we made it to my room before she was inside me. we had sex and ate and then had more sex. cuddled in bed all day. she just left my house and as she tugged her hair away from her face and told me she hated to leave me, i believed her. now i am going to shower and then relive the whole day in my thoughts. i hope everyone else had such a wonderful day!

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What I wouldn't do for someone to knock on my door with promises of great sex and food.

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