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He called me and said that he was headed for Illinois, did I want to come?

He's asked before. Once it was a trip to Ohio for a few days and I wanted to go badly, but had an appointment I couldn't break. He had a job to do in Illinois. He asked if I could come and said he'd put me to work. Faced with a lonely night and the boyfriend blowing me off two days in a row, I said fuck it and had him come pick me up.

When we got to Illinois he had me break up old moldy tiles. Both of us were covered with tile glue. I fetched things he needed from his tool bag, I broke up the old tiles, but mostly I sat on a hard plastic step stool and talked to him while he worked.

He's still the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen, especially so when he gets all dirty and sweaty for work. We went to the movies last weekend. He came straight from work and looked like dirty sex in his paint-covered jeans.

I still remember how his breathing sounded when I was on top and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

On the ride back we were quieter. He turned on the radio and sang along all the way home. When we got about twenty minutes from home he said we could go get some breakfast. I wasn't tired yet so I said yes. By the time we got to places with food, we realized we weren't hungry, so we kept on driving.

As we pulled up to the house and saw that nobody was awake yet, he asked if I had any beer left. We sat in the dark garage, chain-smoking and drinking beers on empty stomachs at six in the morning. I'd forgotten what a lightweight I am when I haven't eaten and got very drunk on one beer.

My mind kept going back to him. How his sweaty hair fell over his flushed face, the way he laughed and sang and smiled. How he lit my cigarette for me.

He asked what I was thinking and I made up something completely banal. I finished my beer and my head started to spin. I stood up. "I love you to pieces, but you have to leave now or I might do something I'll regret later." "Like what?" "I think you know."

He stood up and walked over so he was in front of me and wrapped his arms around me. He smelled the same as he always did. I buried my face in his smoky coat and he stroked my hair.

Then he cupped my face in one hand and gave me an honest-to-god kiss.

Fuck, it's so cinematic, the whole thing. This was our third first kiss. And they're always cinematic and they always take my breath away completely. It's almost stupid.

I felt like throwing up from the beer and killed the moment by saying so. I went indoors and fell into bed and passed out.

Today my head's still spinning. What the fuck happened there? Why did he kiss me? Does he understand what that does to me? How much hope I have?

He says we'll never be together again. My boy says we'll be together forever. They could both be right.

Somewhere deep down, I want neither of them to be right.

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I want that... That beautiful breath-taking kiss. I want him to stare into my eyes as he's talking to me, and take a couple steps closer. I want him to get so close his lips almost brush mine. I want to feel his breath, hot against my lips. He continues to talk to me, softly, while he brushes my hair behind my ear. His hand then travels from behind my ear down to my chin. Where he lifts it ever so gently and kisses me.

Ya....I want that.

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a hello kiss a quick kiss a slow kiss a soft kiss a kiss in the rain a stolen kiss a secret kiss a kiss in front of everyone a kiss with his hand on the side of my face a lusty kiss a comfort kiss a drunken kiss a goodbye kiss

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Why is it that I want so badly to kiss him? We're just friends, right? I've been trying to figure out how I feel about him for a while now, and I still don't know. It's just that whenever I'm with him (which has been pretty frequent recently) I can see us kissing, very vividly.

Having fantasies about kissing isn't exactly a new thing for me. It's just that I feel like him and I have already kissed, but we haven't. It's so weird. I don't even know how to describe it exactly.

I know nothing is ever going to happen with him and I, and I don't want it to. I don't think. We're just really good friends. Plus he's completely infatuated with this girl, and she likes him too, and I'm really close to both of them I couldn't do that.

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I want him to kiss me, or touch me, or something so that I know that he wants me as much as I want him. Plus, we need to get some of this tension out of the way.

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as you leaned down to kiss the back of my neck i felt the rest of my life flash through my mind and realized there was nothing else i ever wanted to feel but your lips pressed against me sucking gently that vague impression between straw and kiss sucking out a moment of my life, sucking out a section of my soul, sucking out a vial of my blood, drawn to the surface like dead bodies.

and so you did it, you went about sucking out all of my skeletons from my long-submerged closet, leaving me vulnerable subjectively complete impossibly happy

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no more of this, i thought; no more of this extended leaving. no more acting like nothing's wrong, that this isn't ending tomorrow, that this one holy reality we've built for ourselves isn't about to shatter back into our respective pieces.

fine whatever it's okay i'll be in my room.

door closed behind me, head propped on wall as i laid across my bed with my legs sticking off the side. i threw my arm over my face to block out what little light was left, what few sounds i could hear from the other room.

the door opened, then closed, and i stifled back what tears had started to form. no words were said; i knew who it was, and what she wanted. nothing had to be said.

her hands found my knees, then slowly slid up my legs to my hips, where she leaned for a moment. i didn't move my arm, i didn't look at her, i didn't do anything. i could feel her smile after waiting a moment, then sliding further on up, tracing across my stomach and torso, to where they met my exposed neck with a tender kiss.

"where have you been?"

the hands slid up further, beneath my arm, not moving it but entwining herself with me further. we were pressed together along our lengths, her face nestled into my neck.

"why haven't you been exactly right here forever?"

i could feel her smile again, lips brushing skin, but it was accompanied by the breeze of a sigh. she squeezed a little tighter, the motion suggesting i stop talking. but she wasn't answering, and this was important.

"what is there really to stop us from just staying exactly like this for all eternity?"

she pulled away to prop herself up on hands and knees, levitating above me. i moved my arm, and she was all i could see, smiling sadly, kaleidoscope sky outside framing her face in an aurora aura.

"because you haven't learned how not to wake up yet," she said.

she leaned down to kiss me i leaned up to kiss her

and i woke up.

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They make me feel dirty. Like an old man unable to stifle an erection in the back of PG movie or something.

The very thought of it makes me nauseous.

The wet, slurping, suction sound of a long kiss. The heavy breathing of biter and bitten.

I keep trying to stare straight ahead, to watch the movie that they invited me to.

But the fucking sounds...

Pretending to be oblivious disgusts me.

So I leave.

I wish that they wouldn't lay on top of each other while I'm sitting next to them.

I wish he wouldn't touch my hair as he is holding her.

I wish she wouldn't tell me about her exploits across the room when I wake up. I don't want to know that you were fingered to the sound of my sleeping. I don't want to know that you were listening to me as you got off, trying to gauge my level of consciousness.

I hate that I can't escape that.

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i ran into some people i knew in a coffee shop... well thought i knew, cause they couldnt be that obnoxious...on top of each other... god...its a fucking coffee shop... and no, the "fucking" wasnt an invitation...

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I am 22 and I havn't gotten my first kiss yet. I feel as if this should entitle me to virgin superpowers of some sort, but as of yet none have yet to appear. Then again I haven't run into any zombies or unholy creatures as of yet, maybe it only works on them. Or alternately I havn't seriously attempted to summon unicrons. Maybe I should try.

Ending up an old maid with lots of cats would be a lot easier to deal with if I could perform a greater turning, or set things on fire with my mind.

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You don't want to rush into something. Super powers included. When it happens for you it will be something you'll never forget. Awkward and strange once the first ones over things will look a little brighter and then start to dim quickly and you'll wish you stuck to the cat plan and cultivated those telekinetic powers.

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I love it when I find someone else 22 and unkissed, like me. It makes me feel like i'm not a freak for once.

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Unicron? Like, from Transformers? Don't try to summon that asshole, he'll just eat our planet.

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Close your eyes, feel and see whoever you'd like before you and kiss that person the way you think a kiss was meant to be. If you want to kiss and be kissed like that you'll have to believe and hold that thought alive in your mind.

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I loved that kiss that we had, passionate and needing as it was. Words could have never expressed the sentiment we both seemed to share. The fire was dim and our other companions were asleep so who would know the difference? Certainly no one who would notice or care. I needed him.... He and I were right about to go to sleep but I listened to that stupid little voice that told me to jump and I laid my head upon his chest. And he just looked down at me and said, "Okay...." One thing led to another and suddenly we're wrapped in each others arms, each kiss different from the last. You'll never hear a complaint from me.... but that was an amazing night.

I just read this thought for the first time in this last year, and I must say I still love those kisses....and I kind of miss those nights

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I had been kissed before, but never like this. It was in the parking lot of my old high school during a volley ball game... my sister's game. He'd come with me to keep me company for a while but had to go back to his house. So I walked him out to his car and then next thing I know I was shoved up against the door and his arms were around me and mine around him and the most intriguing feeling swept over me. And then it happened, the most awkward lovely kiss that I had had to that point. It was a new experience.

That was almost three years ago... needless to say I've had many different experiences since them, some more casual than others, some more violently passionate, and some that were soft and sweet, and then my personal favorite, the sleepy tired just before you go to sleep next to this person that you've come to love so dearly.

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We kissed for the first time. Not just the normal peck on the lips, but a full-on, lingering, amazing kiss. It helped us to open up to each other which made it even better.

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My first kiss was on a stage in front of a thousand people. I kissed a girl.

My first "romantic" kiss was followed by the first blowjob I ever gave. The events were within thirty minutes of one another.

That was four years ago. I'm still just as vile, but I'm a better kisser.

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My first romantic kiss was about 30 minutes before going down on a girl, so hey, pretty similar there. Which coincidentally lead into full on sex.

So I essentially jumped through all the base system for the first time, all at once, all in a couple hours.

I wish I could pull off something a little more conventional, honestly, although the wackiness of my experiences does amuse me highly.

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Have you ever noticed that there are certain kisses that every girl wants. Or at least I do. There are two that always come to mind. One is a kiss in the rain. When you and your boy get caught in a downpour. There is just something about it that leaves me with a really nice feeling. I like the idea of it, and I want it to actually happen. It just seems really romantic to me.

The next kiss is a bit more agressive. This is a type of kiss when you and your boy are arguing or really mad at each other and he pushes you against a wall, or something of the like and kisses you. Not hard, but just enough to make you even angier so that you two are kissing each other rather roughly. This is more of a hott kiss, not a romantic one.

I like the idea of both though.

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