I joined a sorority last year. A far stretch of the imagination two years ago would have never landed me here yet this is where I am. I love it.

When my boyfriend and I broke up, they were there for me 24/7. It was exactly what I needed with all of my dearest friends so far away. Silly me, going to college where no other decided to go. So, instead of being alone all the time, they were there. I was offered places to sleep at night so I didn't have to sleep alone, I was offered love and affection like only a sister can give, and it helped so much.

Then, when he came around and changed his mind they were there to celebrate with me. Joining this organization was probably one of the best plans I've ever had. I mean that most sincerely. They are always there for me, every step of my way. if something happens (good, bad, neutral), there is always someone there to comfort, to celebrate, to laugh, to do whatever is needed. I love my sisters very much.


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