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Three days into second semester of my college career. Already the time is flying. I feel much more mature about school now. I've got heaps of confidence stacked all around me. Plenty of motivation to easy right into success. Thoughts of school, school of thought, thought is education, education is life, life is work, work is good, good is fun. Getting it all to fall into place is euphoria! It's like drinking beer and at the same time drinking coffee – the ups and downs – being right in the middle of it as it flows through me – the way dreams flow through the night. I can look at a stack of school books or at my schedule or at the pictures of phone numbers of friends at home and it's all a dream that's flowing right through. I see it in the carpet, the walls, stranger, in the pen in my hand and the paper below me. I can dream at any time, make it present, and make it real.

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oh the optimism & enthusiasm of youth… to have it back would be wonderful. Good luck ;)

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Sometimes I wonder what college would be like without my loving boyfriend.

I'd never give him up though. Despite all the curiosity...

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