I've heard from several people who weren't trying to be cruel that the boy who hurt me most, the only one I've ever been obsessed with after the break up, often adds me as an after thought when listing his ex girlfriends.

He's had forty-three girlfriends, last I heard.

He's slept with nearly fifty people.

He's twenty years, seven months old.

When we got together, at the age of sixteen (him) and seventeen (Ich) he old me he'd been with three girls. As our relationship progressed, it went from three to five to eight to eleven to seventeen, and so on.

It finally came out that he lost his virginity in a threesome in sixth grade. In Hospital Heights*, with two of the worst type of girls from Heights.

When he dumped me, he told me I was thirty sixth.

He was the fifth person I'd slept with.

What a tool.

*Ask anyone from New Castle about Hospital Heights. Actually, ask a few people, because class, drug use, and other things will very much affect their account.


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